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The Hidden Cancer Risks of Indoor Tanning

Tanning has been linked to both basal cell and malignant melanomas

The Tanning Industry Deception and the Real Risks of Indoor Tanning

Indoor tanning exposes the customer to dangerous levels of ultraviolet (“UV”) radiation.  This radiation carries a significant risk of both basal cell carcinoma and malignant melanomas.  While skin cancers such as these have traditionally been seen by dermatologists in older adults, it has become more and more routine that young adults are being diagnosed with skin cancers.

Dermatologists and researchers agree that this is in large part due to the popularity of the indoor tanning industry.  This industry, which has organized several public relations and other misinformation groups, has been working to convince the public that tanning indoors is, not only safer than tanning naturally, but is also good for you, claiming that it prevents cancers, reduces acne, and has other significant medical benefits.  This is despite the fact that several respected medical organizations around the world calling for a complete ban of UV tanning beds for minors, yet the popularity of this dangerous practice continues to grow.  Meanwhile, studies show that state regulators have done very little to protect minors from the harms posed by tanning beds.  The Indoor Tanning Association ridicules its critics, such as leading doctors and dermatologists, and boldly claims doctors overstate the risks to scare the public.  It has even been noted as calling skin doctors “dermaterrorists.”

The Nidel Law Firm is outraged by the deception and the outright misinformation campaign that the industry has waged.  It is time that the victims are given a voice.

We are investigating claims on behalf of young adults that were diagnosed with skin cancer and have a history of tanning bed use.  We want teenagers and young adults to understand the grave risks of indoor tanning. We also hope to assist individuals who have already been harmed by indoor tanning.

Please fill out the form below for a free consultation and to discuss your case or simply send an email to indoortanning@nidellaw.com. We would like to discuss your situation and determine if we can help.

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