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Cell Phones

Cellular phones and cell phone towers are suspected of having significant health risks. In Europe, there are restrictions on placing cellular phone towers near schools and daycare facilities. European health agencies also recommend children under certain ages not use cell phones.

Here in the United States, more and more children are getting their own cell phones and spending more and more time on them. There are even cell phones marketed directly to children. In addition, schools are throwing precaution to the wind and selling themselves out to cellular providers putting one or more cellular phone towers on school buildings, exposing teachers and children to the potentially dangerous radiation.

Studies have established that cell phone use can break down the blood-brain barrier, a natural barrier protecting the brain. This barrier is broken down for an extended period of time after a short conversation on the phone. While the mechanism behind the apparent association between cell phones and brain tumors is not clear, it may be that it has to do with the synergistic, or combined, effect of the breakdown of this barrier and other exposures we face in our daily environment.

Nidel Law is closely following research developments in this area and would be happy to discuss the latest literature and any health concerns that you may have. Concerns about cell phone towers are growing and we welcome concerns from parents, teachers, and members of the public now faced with exposures due to local placement of cell phone towers.