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Nidel & Nace Investigating Richmond Recycling Plant Fire

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Residents of Richmond, Indiana are dealing with the ongoing repercussions of a fire at a local recycling plant.  Hundreds of residents have been displaced from their homes and unable to return.  Upon returning, there is no guarantee that any of the homes will be safe.   Unfortunately, there appears to be a significant need for monitoring, sampling, recurrent testing and possibly remediation of the area for the foreseeable future.  

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According to Richmond Mayor Dave Snow, the local owner of the business was “negligent.”  However, since 2019, the City of Richmond has been aware of multiple safety hazards at the site, including:

  • Excessive plastic materials stored in and around the buildings constituting a fire hazard
  • Substantial amounts of materials strewn about the properties such that combustible materials are located with 10 feet of a lot line
  • Insufficient means of ingress and egress due to materials stored in and near the premises, as well as combustible material being stored near exits and in enclosures for stairways or ramps
  • Insufficient fire suppression
  • Insufficient illumination of means of egress
  • Loose material blowing around the unsafe premises
  • Roof damage allowing water to infiltrate, leaning walls, decaying foundation, and masonry falling out

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