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Denture Creams

Millions of Americans use denture creams to keep their dentures securely in place. Zinc, contained in a number of popular adhesive creams, can cause copper deficiency in the user. Symptoms of copper deficiency include anemia, difficulty walking, loss of balance, weakness and numbness in the extremities (arms and legs), and paralysis.
GlaxoSmithKline quit manufacturing a number of Super Poligrip creams based on the risk of zinc poisoning and copper deficiency. These include Super Poligrip Original, Super Poligrip Ultra Fresh, and Super Poligrip Extra Care.
If you or a love one use or have used denture creams containing zinc, including Poligrip or Fixodent, and have been diagnosed with any of the following, please contact us for a free consultation about your rights:
• Anemia
• Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes
• Chronic Inflamatory Demylinating Polyneuropathy (“CIDP”) Dysesthesias
• Demylinating Syndrome
• Guillain-Barr Syndrome (“GBS”)
• Neuropathy or Peripheral Neuropathy
• Multiple Sclerosis (“MS”)
• Paresthesias