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Fluoride Harms

Fluoride Causes Dental Fluorosis and Thyroid Damage

Nidel Law is currently investigating claims of injury due to fluoride from added fluoride in community drinking water systems.  Fluoride ingested from drinking water is the dominant source of human fluoride dose.  Nidel Law is interested in talking to people that believe that they have been injured due to exposure to fluoride in drinking water, fluoride supplements, or other forms or sources of fluoride.

Why is fluoride added to water?

Fluoride is added to community drinking water supplies in order to reduce dental caries (cavities).  As such, fluoride is being used as a drug – that is, to treat or prevent a disease – cavities are a disease.  However, the use of fluoride in community drinking water has never been approved for use as a drug by the Food and Drug Administration.

What is known about the risks of fluoride?

One of the most well-documented risks of adding fluoride to drinking water is the risk of damage to the developing tooth known as dental fluorosis.  It is manifest as white flecks, caps, or spots on teeth and can also result in more serious brown staining and pitting, which ultimately can cause the tooth to crumble and disintegrate.

Dental Fluorosis Fluoride

There are also studies that show that fluoride has the ability to impact various portions of the endocrine system, such as damage to the thyroid gland (resulting in hypothyroidism) and damage to the pineal gland.  Perhaps due to these effects, there are also a number of studies identifying fluoride as a neurotoxin and linking it to brain damage and ultimately the loss of IQ.

How widespread are these effects?

The CDC estimates that over 40% of teenagers in the U.S. have some form of dental fluorosis.  Perhaps more disturbing is the fact that these effects are disproportionately felt among black and hispanic children where the rates are significantly  higher than 40%.

What should you do if your child has been harmed by fluoride?

 If believe that you or your child have been harmed by the ingestion of fluoride from community drinking water, please contact Nidel Law using the form below to schedule a free consultation.  Nidel Law is investigating filing injury claims based on these impacts and you may have such a claim.

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