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Water, Mold & Pests – Rental Homes Both Unhealthy and Illegal

Mold & Pest Infestations in Rental Properties

Unhealthy and Illegal Environments

Mold, water intrusion, and infestations with insects and rodents create unhealthy environments.  People living in these environments suffer due to the increased risk of various injuries including lung and breathing problems as well as the risk of skin rashes and other infections.

It is inappropriate, unfair, and often illegal for landlords to provide this type of unsafe housing.  This is particularly a problem when the occupants are living in Section 8 or other forms of subsidized housing and lack the resources to quickly relocate and find a healthier place to live.

If you or a friend or family member is dealing with mold, pests, water intrusion, or other unsafe conditions in rental housing, please contact us using the form below for a free consultation.  Thank you.


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