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Toxic Injuries

Toxic injury law, technically termed “toxic tort” law, has its roots in individual state common laws. The most familiar examples of toxic tort cases are the cases made famous by the movies Erin Brockovich and A Civil Action.

Prescription Drugs

Drug manufacturers make billions of dollars of profit each year despite the fact that prescription drugs are responsible for thousands of injuries each year.


The widespread use of fluoride in drinking water has become increasingly challenged by public health experts. Fluoride has a limited cost-benefit window, that is, that there is increasing evidence of harm where there is little-or-no evidence of actual benefit.

Environmental Law

Environmental law has its roots in federal, state, and local statutes. The most familiar of these are the federal Clean Water and Clean Air acts. In addition to these, there are the federal superfund and hazardous waste laws, and parallel state regulations.

FDA Upgrades Warnings for Pfizer’s Tygacil

FDA Upgrades Warnings for Pfizer’s Tygacil

Pfizer’s drug Tygacil has warned of the risk of all cause mortality, however Public Citizen has been asking for an upgraded, “black box,” warning on Tygacil since 2011. Today the FDA finally responded to the risk of death when taking intravenous Tygacil (tigecycline).


“Chris has been an ally in my community’s fight.  He filed a case on our behalf and fought with tenacity and courage the entire time.  I can’t thank him enough.”

—Susan in Pennsyvlania

“Chris fought hard on my behalf when other lawyers would not have given it the time of day.  Chris never let up on the company and ended up resolving my case for more that I expected.”

—Ted in Texas

“Chris is a fighter and proved so time and time again in the pursuit of justice on my behalf.”

—Jarrett in Georgia

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