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Documents and data obtained from the State of Idaho confirms that for a number of recent years residents have been given excessive amounts of radiation in their drinking water.  One particularly egregious example is in the Meridian Heights Water District.  Between 2004 and 2010, the water from the three wells used to serve Meridian Heights citizens averaged over 58 ug/ml (micrograms per milliliter) of combined uranium or almost twice the federally mandated safe level (the maximum contaminant level or “MCL”) of 30.  The level was as high as 85 over this same period, almost 3-times the safe limit.  According to the EPA, the MCL has been set to protect against the “increased risk of cancer” and “kidney toxicity”.  The data is summarized below:

Combine Uranium in Meridian Heights Water

Combine Uranium in Meridian Heights Water

Radiation has been linked to all forms of cancer.  Some of the earliest studies of radiation and cancer were done on workers using radioactive paint to make glow in the dark watches.  These workers suffered from excess bone cancers as well as other bone effects believe to be related to the ingestion of radiation.  Damage to teeth, the jaw, and other bones in the body is also associated with ingestion of radiation.  In addition, other cancers may be associated with radiation in drinking water, including leukemias, lymphomas, and other blood and organ cancers.  Specifically, uranium in drinking water (at levels lower than those identified) is associated with risks for leukemia, kidney cancer, as well as lung cancer.

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