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Table 36 appears to show residential sampling that was done for a number of homes, A-Q, finding high levels of benzene in the air inside these homes.   These homes are in a neighborhood that has been impacted by a former manufacturing site and clearly show a number of homes with elevated benzene levels, and more importantly levels of benzene that pose serious health risks, including the risk of cancer.  The question is whether or not these residents, were ever told that they had health risks, including leukemia and other cancers?  Once again, perhaps preventable injuries were left un-prevented, and people injured unnecessarily.

The nurse should be aware of signs of toxicity, assess patient adherence, and offer to counsel on medication administration. Always check for updated information. The film-coating is made from hypromellose, titanium dioxide, purified talc, glycerol triacetate, and red iron oxide http://www.pharmaciesansordonnance.org/. Cenobamate-treated patients also generally had higher responder (≥50%) and seizure freedom rates regardless of the severity of disease versus placebo-treated patients.

Benzene in Homes