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Nidel & Nace have obtained  preliminary approval of a class action settlement that will see hundreds of senior residents obtain mold inspection and remediation at their residences.

The Willows Senior Community and the Evergreen Senior Community are a complex of apartments that lease almost exclusively to seniors, providing them apartments and various amenities such as a hair dresser and cinema room.  Joyce Herren and Louise Briggs, two residents of the complex, filed suit on behalf of all residents of the complex in Prince George’s County Maryland alleging that the community had a systemic mold problem that needed inspection and remediation.

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The parties came to a settlement agreement that was approved by the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County.  The Settlement Agreement provides that the class representatives, i.e. Ms. Joyce Herren and Ms. Louise Briggs, may select an inspector who will test common areas and the unit of any resident who seeks mold testing.  If testing reveals any common area or unit has “abnormal indoor fungal ecology that poses a serious and substantial threat to human life, safety, and/or health,” the area will be remediated, and then re-inspected.  The tenants’ inspector will be present to observe both remediation and re-inspection.

With this type of settlement, all residents are able to obtain the ultimate relief they seek: a safe and habitable residence.  Notices regarding tenants rights and obligations, as well as information for how to proceed has been approved by the Court and will be sent out shortly.