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The HollyFrontier refinery in Artesia, New Mexico has not been a good neighbor to those living in the immediate vicinity.  According to this analysis by the Environmental Integrity Project, fence line benzene levels far exceed the safe limits established by the Environmental Protection Agency.  In fact, reporting by E&E News demonstrates that this refinery has been emitting dangerous levels of benzene into the community for year all the while ignoring attempts to restrict those same emissions.  Regulators allowed HollyFrontier to continue operating despite its failure to repair leaks from aging and faulty equipment. 

benzene is a known human carcinogen, which means it has been identified as causing cancer.  Benzene can cause a number of different types of cancer including leukemias and lymphomas.  In addition, benzene can have both chronic and acute health impacts beyond cancer.

There is no justification for HollyFrontier’s inaction and their continued profit from the operation of this refinery in a manner that threatens the health of the surrounding public.

Our firm has begun looking into both the acute and chronic effects caused by the largely unregulated operation of this refinery.  If you or a loved one is living in this community in Artesia and believe that your health and wellbeing have been impacted by this facility, please get in touch with one of our lawyers. 

All of our consultations are absolutely free and there is no obligation to take any legal action. Thank you for sharing your concerns.

If you live in this community and are concerned about health impacts and property damage as a result of the improper handling of wastes at during the operation of this landfill, please fill out the embedded form below as part of our investigation.