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Nidel & Nace earned final settlement approval of a class action settlement involving the presence of elevated levels of total trihalomethanes in the drinking water for citizens in Hannibal, Missouri.  The Final Order approves the Final Settlement Agreement between the Class and both the City of Hannibal and the Hannibal Board of Public Works.

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Elevated levels of total trihalomethanes have been associated with the development of serious health effects, including urinary disease and cancer.  The Class includes residents of the City of Hannibal and the surrounding counties who have been paying for and exposed to this polluted water for years.  The Agreement and approval is the culmination of the tenacity of the Class Representatives who sought to fix their drinking water system’s failures.

The Agreement requires the City of Hannibal and Hannibal Board of Public Works to invest $5,000,000.00 into improvements in their water treatment system and to focus on reducing or replacing the use of chloramines for disinfection.  These investments should cause the drinking water to come into compliance with EPA standards for drinking water under the Safe Drinking Water Act that the City of Hannibal had been violating for years.  The Agreement also requires the Defendants to create a fund for class members to obtain reimbursement of certain medical expenses which provide early detection of latent disease associated with ingesting high levels of total trihalomethanes.

More information can be obtained at www.hannibalwaterlawsuitsettlement.com and Nidel & Nace urges all individuals to take part in the medical monitoring fund, or otherwise contact the claims administrator with any questions or concerns.