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District Heights Elementary School in Prince George’s County, Maryland recently was reported to be unable to open for the school year due to the presence of mold in its buildings.  NBC Washington reports:

An elementary school in Prince George’s County, Maryland, will be shuttered when the new school year starts due to concerns about air quality and mold, the school district confirmed to News4.

District Heights Elementary School will be closed for the entire school year, and buses will take students to nearby Forestville High School, the school district said.

Toxic mold is a serious health risk that can cause exacerbation of asthma and respiratory illness.  The school district should be able to provide a safe and clean environment for children to obtain their constitutionally protected public school education.

Nidel & Nace has significant experience in litigating matters related to mold exposure, and would be interested in hearing from families effected by the school’s failures.  Please contact us to share your stories, ask questions or raise concerns.